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The Go Forth And Game Podcast

Welcome to The Go Forth And Game Podcast - The podcast where the people who make the games talk to the people who play the games.

With your hosts Tom Gurganus and Ryan Sanders.

This is a board and card game focused podcast. You'll find interviews with game designers and publishers. As well as game reviews and other interesting conversation.

Sep 21, 2019

Ryan takes a look at Camp Pinetop from Talon Strike Studios.

Sep 14, 2019

This episode I'm talking to Odin Phong, co-founder of Inkwell Games. Odin is here to talk about their first project, Dice & Ink, vol. 1. This is a book full of roll and write games, 10 in all. The book will be full color, 10+ perforated pages/sheets for each game. There are traditional competitive games, some...

Aug 31, 2019

It's review time. First Ryan will give us the lowdown on Chocolatiers from Daily Magic Games. I'll talk about the beautiful hiking game, Parks from Keymaster Games. Lastly, Ryan will tell us about LOTS, a new game from Royal N. Games. These are fun games and we will give you some details.

Aug 3, 2019

I'm talking to Dan Letzring of Letiman Games about their latest game, Adventure Tactics. Here's some info about the game.

Adventure Tactics: Domianne's Tower is an encounter-based, campaign-driven, cooperative deck-builder. Begin your journey as one of 5 Basic Classes and battle your way through a branching campaign...

Jul 3, 2019

In this show Ryan and I take a look at games that are on the way in the second half of 2019. We talk upcoming Kickstarters, games hitting retail, and then we discuss the games we are most looking forward to seeing in the next few months.