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The Go Forth And Game Podcast

Welcome to The Go Forth And Game Podcast - The podcast where the people who make the games talk to the people who play the games.

With your hosts Tom Gurganus and Ryan Sanders.

This is a board and card game focused podcast. You'll find interviews with game designers and publishers. As well as game reviews and other interesting conversation.

Aug 30, 2018

In part 2 I continue my conversation with Julio Nazario. We talk about his upcoming desgins, his design philosophy, and lot of neat stuff.

Aug 27, 2018

In this, part 1 of a two part interview, I'm talking with Iron Design Challenge winner AND just announced HABA contest winner Julio Nazario. Julio and I talk about how he got into gaming and game design. We also discuss the Asheville chapter of the Game Designers of North Carolina. Julio is a very humble guy and...

Aug 9, 2018

In this episode I talk with Phoebos Stergiou and Alex Sarakakis of Hercules Game Studios about their game, Role Quest. It is a quick yet interesting interview about the evolution of Hercules Games Studios and how Role Quest came into being. This game looks like a fun, quick RPG fix that has been called the rpg party...